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Ocean Science Analytics was established by Liz Ferguson in 2018 with a unique objective of pairing research services with technical training.  Our expertise in data visualization, analysis and statistics using various analytical tools and when possible, accessible ocean data, allows for versatility in the projects we support.  We specialize in marine mammal ecology and bioacoustics, coastal and offshore ecosystem characterization and assessment using in situ and remotely sensed environmental data, and custom GUI development to create user-friendly experiences with data analyses and visualization tasks.

Given the growing need to consistently evaluate and monitor our oceans in a changing climate, we believe the provision of training related to our tools and methods is an important element for supporting future ocean science research.  OSA consultants and partners hail from a broad range of physical and biological disciplines, and we apply a communicative, streamlined and quality assessed approach to our work.  Furthermore, we are proponents of using our powers for good by accentuating ocean conservation whenever possible in our scientific and educational efforts.  OSA is a certified Women-Owned Small Business and strives to support others in their entrepreneurial endeavors.


Consultants & Partners

Our Scientific Efforts

Learn more about OSA's research efforts and participation within the ocean science community.

Tools of Our Trade

We enlist the following tools within our research and technical training services.

We are proudly certified as a Women-Owned Small Business with the U.S. Small Business Administration. 

Ocean Conservation Support

Learn more about how OSA supports organizations dedicated to ocean conservation and ocean science advocacy.

Consulting & Training Services

Technology trained consultants and partners are available help you with your project or training needs.


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