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Our Origin: Established in 2018 by founder Liz Ferguson, Ocean Science Analytics (OSA) is distinguished by its unique mission: to seamlessly integrate research services with technical training. Our core strength lies in harnessing data visualization, analysis, and statistical expertise through a wide array of tools, often complemented by accessible oceanic data, thereby enhancing the adaptability of the projects we undertake.

Our Specializations: OSA specializes in a diverse range of fields, including marine mammal ecology and bioacoustics, the characterization and assessment of coastal and offshore ecosystems, and analysis utilizing both in situ and remotely sensed environmental data. We are also adept at developing customized graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to make data analysis and visualization an effortless user-friendly experience.

Our Vision: Recognizing the imperative need for sustained ocean evaluation amid a changing climate, we firmly believe that offering training linked to our tools and methodologies is pivotal in advancing the future of ocean science research. Our consultants and partners boast extensive expertise spanning physical and biological disciplines, adhering to a communicative, streamlined, and quality-assured approach in all our endeavors.

Our Commitment: At OSA, we are staunch advocates for leveraging our capabilities for the greater good, consistently emphasizing ocean conservation in both our scientific pursuits and educational initiatives. As a certified Women-Owned Small Business, we are driven not only to excel in our own endeavors but also to support and empower others in their entrepreneurial ventures.


Consultants & Partners

Our Scientific Efforts

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Tools of Our Trade

We enlist the following tools within our research and technical training services.

We are proudly certified as a Women-Owned Small Business with the U.S. Small Business Administration. 

Consulting & Training Services

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