Technical Training

Our online are designed to put the power of ocean science research in your hands by providing high quality, engaging and effective educational resources. 

Technical Training from the Comfort of Your Home or Office

Obtain technical training without leaving the comfort of your home!  E-learning opportunities relate to the software tools and methods we employ in our research efforts. All online courses incorporate guided video tutorials and activities, providing you with the skills you need to work with the data you are interested in. 

Select from the online course options below to find out more.

Training in Passive Acoustic Monitoring Software

Learn the fundamentals of software used for the passive acoustic monitoring of marine mammals. This eight module course provides guided instructional videos and activities to enhance software skills in two industry leading software programs, Ishmael and PAMGuard.

Analyzing Large Acoustic Datasets using PAMGuard & R (COMING FALL 2022)

Big ocean data requires an efficient and effective means of analysis, and passive acoustic data is no exception! This training leads you through an analytical method using PAMGuard and acoustic packages in R programming language. 

Fundamentals of GIS for Marine Environments (COMING WINTER 2022)

Using the open access analytical software QGIS, we step through the core elements of geographic information systems (GIS) and marine spatial analysis applications. This course is intended for beginner or novice GIS users and will step through the basics in addition to useful marine spatial analysis tasks. 

Ocean Data Analysis & Visualization Using R (COMING SOON!)

Details of this online training coming soon!

Connecting You to Ocean Data, Methods and Analytical Tools

You don't always have the time to search for available resources to help enhance our knowledge and skill set.  With an aim to support your growth and improve performance, we do the ocean science tool and resource hunting for you. Visit this section to explore open-access tools, available oceanographic data, and more!  


Consulting & Training Services

Technology trained consultants and partners are available help you with your project or training needs.


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