Technical Training

Our online and in-person trainings are designed to put the power of ocean science research in your hands by providing high quality, engaging and effective educational resources. 

Obtain technical training without leaving the comfort of your home!  E-learning opportunities relate to the software tools and methods we employ in our research efforts. All online courses incorporate guided video tutorials and activities, providing you with the skills you need to work with the data you are interested in. 

We offer marine and environmental science workshops for middle school through undergraduate students.  Customized to fit your group's interests, we design computer-based instruction suited to any experience level using open access software.  Additionally, we provide local coastal and wetland field researcher experiences using geographic information systems (GIS). 


You don't always have the time to search for available resources to help enhance our knowledge and skill set.  With an aim to support your growth and improve performance, we do the ocean science tool and resource hunting for you. Visit this section to explore open-access tools, available oceanographic data, and more!  

Technical Training Testimonials

I have attended training planned by Elizabeth Ferguson in the past and it was a great start to learn about the set of acoustic software available, their specific usages and to gain practice with hands-on exercises.  I highly recommend her training in software use."

- Alex Paro, PhD student & cetacean PAM project coordinator in Brazil


"Liz's approach to training provides a clear and in-depth introduction to passive acoustic monitoring and software, presented in an interesting and interactive format.  I came out of the class with the confidence to apply what I had learned in my own career and research."

- Robyn Walker, Technical Production & Editing Manager, Environmental Intelligence


Consulting & Training Services

Technology trained consultants and partners are available help you with your project or training needs.


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