Our Services

Our services emphasize the utilization of open-access software and publicly available data resources. This allows us to easily share our knowledge and skills with others and access big ocean data.


Our Services

We apply our expertise in ocean analysis methods and training in the following ways:


  • Conduct spatial and temporal analyses of ocean and coastal environments using accessible physical and biological marine data 
  • Create custom solutions for data needs in the areas of data management, visualization and analyses which meet the specific goals of our clients
  • Build custom, user-friendly applications to give clients access to their data and tools without requiring them to go through extensive training or become programmers
  • Tackle complex data problems, including large datasets and/or complex problems which require unique approaches
  • Provide analyses for regulatory compliance


  • Design and implement software-based online technical training related to our research services
  • Develop customized training materials based on methods relevant to client projects.  Training modules designed for appropriate experience level can be delivered in the format of an in-person workshop or online course
  • Contribute to STEM education within the San Diego community by providing computer-based workshops for middle school through undergraduate students
  • Connect interested individuals with online resources from the ocean science community

Tools of Our Trade

We enlist the following tools within our research and technical training services.

Consulting & Training Services

Technology trained consultants and partners are available help you with your project or training needs.


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