Marine and Environmental Science Workshops

OSA designs and implements technology workshops to provide authentic, research-based experiences for middle school through undergraduate students.  Workshops emphasize marine and environmental field research methods, computer-based analyses, or a combination of the two elements.  Computer-based workshops incorporate open-access software and data resources to enable accessibility in nearly any PC computer lab.  Select from available workshop materials, or have OSA custom design a workshop for your group.

Examples of Workshops

GIS Workshops

Marine and environmental scientists frequently enlist the use of a powerful tool called Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, to understand marine ecological processes and study populations of organisms.  GIS is a ubiquitous tool in marine and environmental sciences, and workshops can be tailored to incorporate any research topic.  Previously developed workshops incorporate data collection in the field at local lagoons and estuaries, along with guided instruction to GIS spatial analysis in a computer lab.  Alternatively, OSA has exclusively computer-based workshops designed to explore marine habitats using ArcGIS online or QGIS.  We guide students through data exploration, spatial analysis and map production.  

Marine Mammal Acoustic Workshop

These workshops introduce middle school, high school or undergraduate students to the underwater world of marine mammal sounds.  Using open-access programs to visualize and analyze sounds, participants gain a fundamental understanding of research applications in marine mammal bioacoustics.  Computer-based workshops can be supplemented with a hands-on activity wherein participants construct their own hydrophone.  

Consulting & Training Services

Technology trained consultants and partners are available help you with your project or training needs.


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