Pollinator Monitoring Projects

Applying Advanced Tech to Pollinator Monitoring

Stepping "soil-side" in this project effort, OSA provides technical expertise to the San Diego Pollinator Monitoring Program (SDPMP) in their biodiversity monitoring endeavors. Our contributions span digital data collection, biodiversity analysis, deep learning for insect tracking in videos, and ecosystem services for post-fire recovery. This collaboration aims to advance monitoring techniques for critical terrestrial species and habitats.

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San Diego County Post-Fire Recovery of Pollinators

In this Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) funded effort, SDPMP with support from OSA evaluated the impact of fire interval and frequency on pollinating insect assemblages in Coastal Sage Scrub habitat of San Diego County. OSA contributed through Ecosystem Services modeling and ArcGIS Dashboard development. The project combined in-situ focal observations and the InVEST crop pollination model to assess the effects of fire, uncovering the importance of reservoir habitat to pollinator diversity. 

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Enhancing Pollinator Conservation through Deep Neural Network Development

This project integrates camera traps and deep learning to assess pollinator activity, focusing on endangered plant species and post-fire recovery in San Diego County. Success enlisting the VIAME software entails optimizing technology for wider use, understanding pollination dynamics, and uncovering pollinator resilience. Sharing findings could catalyze advancements in pollinator conservation through AI-based approaches, potentially influencing policy and scientific understanding.

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