2022 Summer Research Collaborative


A Collective Effort 

This summer we endeavor to accomplish a significant analytical feat with an exciting group of individuals. Our enthusiastic group is made possible through the funded support of the San Diego Workforce Partnership, an organization connecting job seekers and businesses to bolster careers exploration while supporting the local economy. Our research team includes scientists from the University of St Andrews, and a group of new analysts whose efforts are fueling a blitz bioacoustic effort over the course of two months. OSA is providing training and coordinating research efforts while fortifying the analytical skillset of the team. Be sure to come back to learn more about our progress!

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Meet The Analysts


Emily Islas

I am a first-generation pre-med student, on my way to become a cardiologist. I love to learn, and I am very passionate about my career & goals. On my free time I spend it with my family who are very important & have helped shape me into the woman I am today.  

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Julia Pelio

I have enthusiastically pursued marine science and ocean conservation for as long as I can remember. With a formal background in biology, social sciences, administration, and health, these experiences allowed me to leverage my professional background with a purpose that I deeply care about. When I am not listening to whales, I am actively advocating for the oceans, documenting the fascinating underwater life of Southern California, or climbing mountains.

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Luke Chece

I was raised on New Jersey's coastline, where I first found and developed my love for the ocean. I grew up fishing, surfing, and diving; all three of which introduced me to its wonders and still stand as major pillars in my day-to-day life, wherever I may be. It's always been a bit of a dream to work with marine life, and to see that come into fruition in learning more about some of the ocean's most intelligent creatures is pretty special. 

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Shayna Bello

I'm an Air Force Veteran and currently a computer science student full-time.  Outside of studying, I spend most of my time taking care of an extremely rambunctious but lovable toddler. I'm also addicted to playing and creating mods for the Sims 4 game in my free time.

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Staci Lanter

Staci Lanter

As of August 2022, I will be a graduate of the University of San Diego with a BA in Biology. Originally, I was born in the Midwest and moved to San Diego eight years ago. During my time in San Diego, I fell in love with the ocean and felt compelled to devote my life to understanding the species that live in marine environments. In my free time, I enjoy sailing, climbing, kayaking, and developing my computer programming skills. 

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Yulisma Martinez

Yulisma Martinez

I was born in Mexico, but I have spent most of my life in California. I graduated from CSUSM with a B.S. in Biological Sciences. During my undergraduate studies, I developed a deep interest of the ocean/marine organisms. I enjoy traveling, working out, and spending time outdoors.

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Guest Collaborators


Emily McCloskey

Emily McCloskey

Emily recently completed her fourth year at the University of St Andrews studying BSc (Hons) Marine Biology. Her research areas of interest are primarily cetaceans and their communication methods. She hails from the Highlands in Scotland, from a small village next to Loch Ness. Emily will be leading the analysis for the Burst Pulse Analysis Project.

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Dr. Julie Oswald

Dr. Julie Oswald is a Lecturer at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Her research is focused on acoustic species recognition in dolphins. She has developed a suit of dolphin whistle classifiers (Real Time Odontocete Call Classification Algorithm, ROCCA) that are available as part of the PAMGuard acoustic software package. She is also currently  investigating dolphin whistle repertoires and whether dolphins use their whistles and other sounds to communicate species information to one another. She will be involved in advising the Burst Pulse Analysis Project.

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OSA Contributors


Hannah Clayton

Hannah will serve as an analyst coordinator and lead analyst for the Humpback Whale Social Call Analysis Project. Her role includes providing analytical guidance for new analysts for both projects and defining the analytical direction of the humpback whale project.

Liz Ferguson

Liz is primarily involved in coordinating the Summer Research Collaborative effort. She is also involved supporting the research goals for the Humpback Whale Social Call Analysis Project along with Hannah.

The Projects


Burst Pulse Analysis

In a previous analysis we found that delphinid species along the Oregon coast produce burst pulse sounds regularly. Using data collected from the Ocean Observatories Initiative's Coastal Endurance array, we will be analyzing burst pulse vocalizations to evaluate the occurrence of patterned sequences.

Humpback Whale Social Call Analysis

During this project we will evaluate long-term temporal variations in social call production by humpback whales passing by NSF’s Ocean Observatory Initiative's cabled hydrophone array located in Newport, Oregon. Analyses will focus on the classification of call types presented, calculation of call type ratios and temporal variation thereof, and the evaluation of “call bout” structure.