Yuli Martinez

Research Analyst

Yuli Martinez is a Research Analyst focused on marine mammal bioacoustic analyses and ecosystem-basedĀ monitoring projects. Yuli graduated from CSU San Marcos in the fall of 2020 with a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences with a concentration in ecology. During her undergraduate studies, she developed a deep interest in the ocean and marine organisms. She serves as a research analyst for several acoustics-focused projects and is instrumental in our marine protected area (MPA) monitoring initiative using the app eOceans with data collected by local experts.

During her career, she has developed skills applicable to bioacoustics and ocean conservation, such as data analytics and using PAMGuard, QGIS, and R. Prior to deciding to work with marine mammals, Yuli studied phytoplankton, e.g., Lingulodinium polyedra, the dinoflagellates that often cause red tides (bioluminescent events) in Southern California. Yuliā€™s analytical aptitude allows her to tackle a wide range of ocean science research efforts.

Outside of ocean science research, Yuli enjoys traveling, indoor rock climbing, and various outdoor activities. She is also taking steps to become an ocean conservation advocate and hopes to use her skills to inform and inspire others to help protect our oceans.

Contact Yuli:Ā  [email protected]

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