Julia Pelio

Bioacoustics Analyst

Julia is a Bioacoustics Analyst who assists in the analysis of large datasets and for multiple marine mammal species. Examples include analysis of humpback whale social calls, annotation of delphinid burst pulses and humpback calls for deep learning network development and call validation projects. She participated in OSA’s 2022 Apprenticeship program and continued as a consultant. Julia’s formal background lies in biology, social sciences, administration, and health, and she has dedicated much of her time in recent years to ocean conservation. 

As a long-time ocean advocate, Julia has collaborated in promoting community service, education, and ocean conservation awareness initiatives with a broad array of nonprofit organizations. Within these efforts she has leveraged her professional background to serve a purpose that she deeply cares about.  

Even though she grew up far away from any large body of water, she spent her entire childhood admiring the ocean. Watching Jacques Cousteau documentaries and reading countless books about the world beneath the waves. She quickly became captivated by whales and their beautiful, mysterious songs. Inspired by Roger Payne’s “Songs of the Humpback Whale”, she decided to take her passion for bioacoustics to another level. When Julia is not listening to whales, she is actively advocating for the oceans, documenting the fascinating underwater life of Southern California, or climbing mountains.

Contact Julia:  [email protected]

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