LoVe Soundscape Project

Marine Mammal Vocal Occurrence Analysis

The Lofoten-Vesterålen Ocean Observatory (LoVe Ocean) is situated in northern Norwegian waters and consists of a suite of oceanographic sensors and a bottom-mounted hydrophone.  The LoVe Soundscape Project is led by Sofia Aniceto of the Arctic University of Norway, and assesses the anthropogenic, biologic and climatic additions to the regional soundscape.  OSA’s participation involves analyzing long-term passive acoustic data to determine the seasonal occurrence of marine mammal species.  This analysis will contribute to a better understanding of the marine mammal vocal behavior and their contribution to the soundscape.

This open-source software program is an industry-leader in the passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) of marine mammals.  In addition to real-time monitoring, PAMGuard provides a suite of powerful post-processing tools.  We use a combination of in-built detectors parameterized to detected a wide range of species, then review the automated detections in PAMGuard's Viewer Mode to annotate acoustic events and assign to species/species group. This tool provides an efficient, semi-automated means of analyzing large acoustic datasets.

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