Liz Ferguson

CEO and Founder

Liz Ferguson is a Marine Ecologist and Educator with 19 years of experience in the education and research communities of San Diego.  Through much of her career, she has specialized in marine mammal bioacoustic research, with expertise in passive acoustic monitoring and analytical software.  More recently, she has pursued studying natural and anthropogenic physical-biological impacts on marine megafauna population dynamics using analytical software such as ArcGIS/QGIS and R.  Liz is adept at combining her technical expertise with effective communication of complex topics through outreach and educational materials.  

Prior to founding Ocean Science Analytics, Liz worked at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center (NOAA Fisheries) as a passive and active acoustic technician. In this role, she gained extensive field experience in the Gulf of Mexico, the Eastern Tropical Pacific, and the Pacific Northwest regions. Liz later worked for Bio-Waves Inc., as their Chief Operating Officer (COO), with additional responsibilities in data analytics and project management.    

Liz is a graduate of the University of San Diego with a B.A. in Marine Science, and Point Loma Nazarene University with an M.S. in Biology. Liz also possesses a Specialist Certificate in GIS. She is currently an adjunct faculty member in the Biology Departments at Miramar College, California State University San Marcos, and the University of San Diego. She also serves as the Executive Director of Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) of San Diego, a non-profit supporting young women in their pursuit of STEM careers.   

Contact Liz: [email protected]

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Elizabeth Ferguson's Research Gate Profile

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