DFO PRISMM 2018 Survey: Acoustic-based Density Estimates for Porpoise Species

Localization Analysis

The Pacific Region International Survey of Marine Megafauna (PRISMM) large-scale survey of 2018 consisted of visual and acoustic operations to obtain information on the marine mammals of Canadian waters. In collaboration with Bio-Waves, Inc., Ocean Science Analytics performed a post-survey analysis of the high frequency data collected from the towed hydrophone array data during the survey. The focus of this analysis was to obtain localizations for echolocating porpoise species (Dall's or harbour porpoise) to include in the distance sampling analysis conducted by project leads at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Acoustic-based density estimates were determined for porpoise species and used to complement visual-based estimates.

DFO PRISMM 2018 Survey

Project Information

Bio-Waves, Inc.

Bio-Waves, Inc. conducted the passive acoustic monitoring operations during the 2018 survey aboard the CCGS John P. Tully.  Tom Norris of Bio-Waves, Inc. is pictured here with the custom-designed hydrophone array system that was deployed 24 hours per day to aide visual operations in monitoring for a wide range of marine mammals species. 

Survey Scientists

Tully PRISMM Science crew July 3 to July 17: Back row left to right: Thomas Norris, Nicholas Riddoch, Kai Meyer, Elise Keppel, Robin Abernethy, Caroline Fox. Middle row left to right: Bruce Paterson, Jacklyn Barrs, Elizabeth Kusel, HItomi Kimura, John Ford, Ali Bowker. Kneeling in front left to right: Jackie Hildering and Linda Nichol (Chief Scientist). Click the picture to learn more from the Marine Detective blog. 

This open-source software program is an industry-leader in the passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) of marine mammals.  In addition to real-time monitoring, PAMGuard provides a suite of powerful post-processing tools.  We optimized click type classifiers to obtain localization to porpoise species using the high-frequency acoustic data from the survey.

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