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PAM: Large Dataset Analysis: Passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) is a commonly used to support biological monitoring and mitigation in terrestrial and marine environments. Reductions in the cost of equipment and data storage lead to the collection of huge volumes of data. Extracting meaningful information from these large datasets requires an efficient and effective analytical approach. This course provides acousticians with a workflow for processing data using a combination of PAMGuard and acoustic packages based in R programming language.

R for Ocean Science Data Analysis: Oceanographic data collection is essential to understanding environmental conditions serving a wide range of purposes from evaluating the effects of climate change to establishing marine protected areas. R programming language is a free, open-source tool that can be used for a wide range of ocean science data needs, including data wrangling, visualization, and analysis. This course provides participants with a context-specific background to R using oceanographic data throughout the course materials. This course is designed for novice R learners interested in developing intermediate skills in ocean science data analysis.


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