Top Five Ocean Data Tools for Everyone

Are you an avid ocean enthusiast interested in exploring big ocean data but not sure where to start?  Check out these five online and accessible resources for easily exploring our oceans!

1. An OSA favorite is the Ocean Observatories Initiative's Data Explorer.  Anyone can easily explore the vast array of biological, chemical, geological and physical data collected from global arrays consisting of multiple instruments.  Visualize and compare data from different regions with the option to take it further by downloading data:

OOI Data Explorer

2. If you aren't familiar with the fleet of floating instruments that comprise Argo, you will pleasantly surprised by the wealth of data that is readily accessible.  This long-term international program of floating instruments provides a global temperature and salinity profiles:


3. NOAA's Ocean Color Viewer provides an easy way to interactively explore satellite derived ocean data.  Check out this EOS article first for a good description of OCView and summary of information about the ocean color products incorporated in this tool:


4. If you are more of a megafauna person you should definitely check out the Global Tagging of Pelagic Predators program! This international effort allows users to interact with tag profiles of species such as sharks, tuna, elephant seals and turtles. 


5. Are you more interested in participating in ocean science research?  Then eOceans is the tool for you!  This freely accessible app allows for global participation in a variety of research and conservation projects, and easy visualization of real-time results. 

eOceans App

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