PAM Software Basics

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A new opportunity to gain software skills for the passive acoustic monitoring of marine mammals.


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Introducing "PAM Software Basics," a new online technical training in software used for passive acoustic monitoring of marine mammals!  The eight module course provides guided instructional videos and activities to enhance your skills in two industry-standard software programs, Ishmael and PAMGuard.  The first module provides an overview of underwater acoustics, the mechanics of sound digitization, and applicable marine mammal monitoring methods prior to engaging in the hands-on elements.  Topics in both open access software programs include: 

  • Sound processing and visualizations

  • Data collection and storage configurations

  • Detection of marine mammal vocalizations

  • Localization methods

  • Post-processing methods for monitoring applications (PAMGuard)

This e-learning course concludes with an opportunity to test methods learned during previous modules on one of several datasets.  Participants have access to the course for a two month period and receive a certificate upon completion.  Register your interest today!  


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