Entrepreneurial Student Develops Ocean Soundscape Monitoring Tool

Artash Nath, a Grade 10 Student from Toronto, Canada, is making waves in soundscape monitoring with his novel monitoring web app, MonitorMyOcean. Using open-source analytical tools and data, Artash is sharing with others the contribution of anthropogenic activities to the low-frequency acoustic environment.  Monitor My Ocean utilizes recordings from the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans as well as the Mediterranean Sea. His research includes comparing low frequency (10 Hz – 100 Hz) noise levels across the last several years, noting an average 4.5 dB decrease in peak sound intensity during the pandemic that corresponded with decreased shipping.  

His intent behind such a novel online resource? To provide a near real-time tool for the general public, conservation organizations and governmental entities to continue to monitor the influence of anthropogenic noise within our oceans.

This is not his first effort in monitoring noise level for the public good. In 2021, he developed an online tool for measuring urban silence from several cities in Canada using seismic vibration data. This project and Monitor My Ocean were born during his time remotely attending school and developing a keen interest in how reduced human activities can influence the planet. In addition to contributing to the scientific community, Artash enjoys playing the guitar and water polo.

We look forward to following Artash’s work in the future!

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